The New Modern

For many,  the idea of  “modern design'” means cold and impersonal, as well as really uncomfortable to live in.  However, not all modern is created equal.  Yes, some modern home design is stark and minimal – more like a museum than a home.  But, the majority of designers out there are creating warm, livable spaces designed for our lifestyles today.

An Old Friend

While this home is streamlined, simple, and without much adornment, it still sends a very warm message.  One way to achieve warmth in your modern spaces is to provide color, texture, and materials that contrast with the starkness.  These wood beams feel old.  They look old.  And, they have a color and texture we love.  The rough hewn oak has a familiarity that makes us feel comfortable, like an old friend.

A Soft Landing

To contrast the cold, harsh edges of stark modern design, add surprising texture to your space.  The sofa, throws, and rug all provide a visual  “‘landing spot.”  We know that these items are soft and plush.  We yearn to reach out and touch them.  This softness provides comfort and we know that when we sit here we may not ever want to get back up!

photo credits

Design and Photo’s by Anke and John Summerhill

It’s the combination of materials, put together in a clean and simple form, that make this a classic warm, modern space.  Be sure to include materials you love and textures that have feeling.

Design Exploder is a “tool” used by Your MODERN COTTAGE to help explain why we like (and don’t like) the homes that we live in.  It explodes design elements into their basic form and gives us insight into how designers think.  We hope that this tool will empower you to understand your own homes and give you the confidence to make the changes that you need in order to improve your life.

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